Saturday, March 20, 2010

Half Marathon Training: Week 9

Daylight savings is here which means I can finally start walking to work again. It takes me about 25 minutes each way, and walking is surprisingly good for stretching out my muscles after a long run.

Climbing for 2.5 hours with Matt, Mike and Shamoni. I learned how to smear! I felt like Spiderwoman.

Tuesday Michelle, Melissa and I ran through the Plantations and around Beebe Lake. I added a few loops around Beebe Lake to make up for missing my Sunday long run. I did a total of 8.05 miles (my longest run yet!) at an 11'19" minute per mile pace. Eight miles of running is apparently equivalent to 25 miles of biking for me. It suddenly becomes very important to think about water and food. Next time I'll carry a Clif Bar with me. Other than being hungry and thirsty afterward, the run felt fantastic and I'm now confident that I can do the half marathon.

Wednesday Played squash with Madeline. Have my increased endurance and climbing muscles translated into superior squash playing abilities? Not even a little bit. Turns out squash requires hand eye coordination that can't be gained by all the running in the world.

Thursday Rest.

Friday Rest. Although I went shopping in Syracuse and trying on clothes for 3 hours should be considered a workout. I found my favorite workout pants for $20 at the Gap (great fabric, high waist so they stay put, and a pocket with a zipper).

Saturday Rest. I think my last long run was so nice because I wasn't exhausted, so I'm trying not to overdo it.

We're approaching run distances where we're starting to utilize my old bike routes. Awesome! Brian, Michelle and I did a variation of my favorite bike ride. My pace was 11'08" minutes per mile for a total of 9.2 miles. (I recalibrated my iPod based on the Google maps distance since the iPod said we ran 10.3 miles.) I carried food and water with me at the urging of a wise friend, and it made the run a lot more pleasant and will hopefully make me less sore in the morning.

Half Marathon Training: Week 9 (modified)
Week of 3/15/10 red=incomplete; green=completed

stretch & strengthen5 run3 m run or cross5 m run + strengthrest60 min cross9 m run

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