Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week of 6/21-6/27

Monday Climbing with Ben L, Cloe, Matt and Sarah, 2 hours. Definitely pushed myself to my limit.

Tuesday Swimming with Rick, 1 mile.

Wednesday Biking with Michelle, 14.9 miles, ~1 hour.

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Thursday Swimming with Rick, 35 laps, 1'05" split times so ~34 min/miles. It felt easy. Apparently all the practice is helping. I feel ready for the tri club lake swims. The cutoff is 45 minutes to swim 1.2 miles across the lake.

Friday Running with Michelle. 2.2 miles at 9'52" min/mile pace.

Saturday Solo bike ride. 20 miles in ~1 hr 45 min. Feeling a little more confident about the tri and even forced myself to clip into the bike.

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Sunday Morning run at Six Mile Creek with Gretchen and Maddy the dog. 3.3 miles at ~10 min/mile pace. That evening I went inner tubing down Fall Creek. Little did I know that it would be the best workout I've had in months. My abdominal muscles are sore from the effort of staying upright in my kiddie sized inner tube. My shoulders are sore from swimming and scrambling over rocks in the many places where the water was only 6 inches deep. But the real highlight came when dusk approached and we decided to abandon the creek, hiked barefoot through the woods, and ended up standing in the dark on the side of the road wearing swimsuits and inner tubes. Sarah S, Matt, Sarah J, Maddie and I were all good sports and didn't kill our event coordinator (Rick), although it is generally agreed that he is no longer allowed to plan trips into the woods.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week of 6/14-6/20

Monday Morning abs. Went swimming at lunch with Maddie and Rick (1 mile) and climbing after work with Matt and Cloe. Climbing was spectacularly fun. I love watching experienced people climb. Everyone has their own strengths and it was great to see how Cloe handled the routes since she's the same size that I am. However, I was a pile of jelly... no more swimming and climbing on the same day.

Tuesday Ran with Michelle after work. 3.51 miles, 9'55" min/mile pace. Really tired.

Wednesday Rest. Feeling funky this week so I decided a dose of meat was in order. Dinner was a tofu and ground beef burrito.

Thursday Canoe clinic with the Ithaca Triathlon Club. We learned how to canoe while guiding swimmers so that we can do lake swims this summer. So much fun to canoe and splash around in the lake. Can't wait to try swimming across Cayuga.

Friday Running with Michelle around Beebe Lake. 2.5ish miles. Much too hot. Cooled down with dollar beers at the Big Red Barn.

Saturday Swimming at Six Mile Creek. Lots of splashing around. I took the opportunity to swim across the pond at the second dam. I have no idea what the distance was but it was amazingly tiring.

Sunday Rest.

I have no idea how I do it but knees are pretty much always black and blue these days from climbing.

Six Mile Creek

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week of 6/7-6/13

Monday I ran home to grab my car: 0.98 miles at 9'19" min/mile, 0.43 miles at 10'05" min/mile. Then 2.5 hours of awesome climbing with Ben, Sarah, and Matt. Really sore the next day.

Tuesday Swimming with Rick (1 mile). He made me do sprints with him, which meant I got to swim in his wake and swallow lots of water. Really good workout, though.

Wednesday Feeling extremely exhausted. Rest.

Thursday Running with Michelle (Vet School>Game Farm Rd>Rec Trail>campus), 4.17 miles , 9'19" min/mile. She remarked multiple times that we were keeping a brisk pace. The day of rest really helped.

Friday Swimming with Rick, 1 mile.

Saturday Rest.

Sunday 13.6 mile bike ride (Honness>Ellis Hollow Rd>Rt 79>Honness) in 1 hour 1 min (13.4 mph)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week of 5/31-6/6

Monday Rest. I bailed on a bike ride with Annie.

Tuesday 11.6 mile bike ride in 52 minutes (13.4 mph) (Ellis Hollow>Genung Rd>Ellis Hollow Creek>home) then 1.73 mile run (9'38" min/mile). First back to back training event. Running was really hard after biking, but surprisingly I still had a fairly decent pace.

Wednesday Quick before work 2.6 mile run (9'27" min/mile) since the rest of the week will be busy with a conference.

Thursday, Friday Rest.

Saturday Tortoise and the Hare 10+K run at Buttermilk Falls with Gretchen, Michelle, and Miguel. 6.7 miles and 1 hour 23 minutes of fun. This was my first real trail run and it was significantly harder than road running. It felt a bit like an obstacle course with all the tree roots and puddles, and the up and down hills made for lots of walking alternating with rapid wild descents. I dropped my keys early in the run. Oops.

Sunday Strength training. I must be slacking off on abs because I was really sore after this.