Sunday, February 14, 2010

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

Apparently my frequent blog posts help motivate at least one person to go to the gym. I'm still going to have a single blog entry per week, but I'll try to update it throughout the week.

Monday I'm really starting to get into climbing. I think my upper body muscles are improving which makes the activity a lot more enjoyable. Lauren, Matt R, and I spent two hours at the climbing wall after work, and I hope to make it part of our Monday routines.

Tuesday Rest. I got 3 hours of sleep on Monday night and decided it would be dangerous to try running on that little sleep. Boo insomnia.

Wednesday Missed salsa class because I was catching up on labwork since Tuesday was a bust on all fronts. I did manage to do 25 minutes on my bike trainer, a little bit of weight lifting and abdominal exercises.

Thursday I went for an evening run with Michelle. We did a loop on the East Hill Rec Trail to Game Farm Rd for a total of 4.12 miles at a pace of 11'10" minutes per mile. My left ankle has been bothering me for the last few runs, so it's time to start stretching again. The highlight of this run was catching the sunset from Game Farm Rd. Between the clear blue sky and the fields of fresh snow, it was spectacular.

Friday Rest.

Saturday It's time for some creative bookkeeping. Michelle, Brian, Shamoni, a few of Michelle's friends, and I went skiing at Yellow Barn. We spent 2.5+ hours on the trails, which I'll consider equivalent to a 3.5 mile run. Our 'Dance Therapy' party was later that evening, and 3+ hours of dancing is going to count as my 40 minutes of cross training. It was a long, long day but I'm glad I squeezed everything in.

Michelle makes a snow angel.

Dancing in the DJ booth.

Sunday Rest. My legs were sore from the abuse they received the day before. I cleaned, cooked, spent the day with the people who keep me sane, and remembered that there is more to life than exercise.

Half Marathon Training: Week 4
Week of 2/8/10 red=incomplete; green=completed

stretch & strengthen3.5 m run2 m run or cross3.5 m run + strengthrest40 min cross5 m run

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