Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week of 6/14-6/20

Monday Morning abs. Went swimming at lunch with Maddie and Rick (1 mile) and climbing after work with Matt and Cloe. Climbing was spectacularly fun. I love watching experienced people climb. Everyone has their own strengths and it was great to see how Cloe handled the routes since she's the same size that I am. However, I was a pile of jelly... no more swimming and climbing on the same day.

Tuesday Ran with Michelle after work. 3.51 miles, 9'55" min/mile pace. Really tired.

Wednesday Rest. Feeling funky this week so I decided a dose of meat was in order. Dinner was a tofu and ground beef burrito.

Thursday Canoe clinic with the Ithaca Triathlon Club. We learned how to canoe while guiding swimmers so that we can do lake swims this summer. So much fun to canoe and splash around in the lake. Can't wait to try swimming across Cayuga.

Friday Running with Michelle around Beebe Lake. 2.5ish miles. Much too hot. Cooled down with dollar beers at the Big Red Barn.

Saturday Swimming at Six Mile Creek. Lots of splashing around. I took the opportunity to swim across the pond at the second dam. I have no idea what the distance was but it was amazingly tiring.

Sunday Rest.

I have no idea how I do it but knees are pretty much always black and blue these days from climbing.

Six Mile Creek

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