Monday, October 19, 2009

10/19/09: running

I won't lie, it was incredibly difficult to head out for a run when it was 24 degrees outside. But as always, it felt fantastic once I got started. I tried something called tempo running from my new marathon book. It's basically the inverse of interval running: instead of run/walk sets, it's slow run/fast run sets. I started with a 10 minute slow run, worked up to a 10 minute fast run, and finished with an 8 minute cooldown run. I think I've officially given up on Podrunner because my progress was too slow. Today was one of my best runs so far! I followed the run with "Active Isolated Stretching," also from my new book. It felt very good, but it's too soon to say if it'll make a difference. Run stats: 28'08", 2.5 miles, for a speed of 11'13" per mile.

Google finally has a satellite map of Ithaca complete with walking trails! This is an approximate map of my route. There's a shortcut from Wildflower that I used to get to the East Hill Rec Trail.

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