Thursday, January 21, 2010

Evening run + strength training

I'm finally back on a normal sleeping schedule so I once again have time for weights, sit ups, and push ups in the morning. It helps that all the running wears me out so I can fall asleep pretty quickly most nights.

Michelle and I headed out for a run after work. This time she was the tired one and I was the one who forced us out the door. We did a quick run around campus that went through the insectary, around Beebe Lake, through the arts quad and Ho Plaza, and then back up to Teagle. It was a little short of our 3 mile target, but since we went too far on Tuesday, it works out on average. Afterward, we went to the gym to do our strength training.

Nike+ stats: 2.53 miles, 30'47" minutes, 12'08" minutes per mile

Half Marathon Training
Week of 1/18/10 red=incomplete; green=completed

stretch & strengthen3 m run2 m run or cross3 m run + strengthrest30 min cross4 m run

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