Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ithaca is small

I didn't sleep well last night so all I wanted to do after work was go home and curl up on the couch. However, I really want to complete my goal for the week so I motivated myself to get to the gym. As always, I felt fantastic as soon as I was there. Exercise is better than caffeine for perking me up. Apparently I'm not the only one in workout mode. Out of the eight treadmills, at least four were occupied by the same people as last night (all people I know through work).

I had to wait for a treadmill so I did 20 minutes on an elliptical (1.75 miles, whatever that means). I did some light weightlifting between the elliptical and treadmill, and then again after my run. For the run, I ran at a max of 11'30" minutes per mile (treadmill speed). Combining the elliptical and treadmill, I'd say that I did about 3 miles worth of running today.

Nike+ run stats: 2.3 miles, 27'45" minutes, 12'02" minutes per mile

stretch & strengthen3 m run2 m run or cross3 m run + strengthrest30 min cross4 m run


  1. I can definitely relate to not wanting to go workout, but feeling great when you push yourself to go anyways!

    I may have missed this in a previous post of yours...what's with the color scheme for your weekly goals?

  2. Good point. I forgot to label the colors. Red is for workouts I haven't done and green is for the ones that I have. I'll fix that in my next post :).